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Christopher Hartley
Global Hotel Alliance

I look forward to welcoming you to Madrid, and to the home of our newest and biggest brand, NH Hotels! After three years of virtual meetings, what a perfect opportunity to reunite in person to celebrate the launch of NH joining GHA, which will be happening in a few days time. 


The last time we were together was in Hong Kong in 2019, and it was then that we all agreed on the new "DISCOVERY 2.0" concept, with D$ and Live Local as two new core pillars of the programme. Well, despite the best efforts of the pandemic, we managed to launch the new GHA DISCOVERY last December, as the culmination of a huge collaborative effort, during what were some of the toughest days ever experienced in the hospitality industry.


It's now six months since that launch, and so at this CEO meeting we will be reviewing how things have gone so far and, most importantly, how we can engrain GHA DISCOVERY into each of our company cultures, so that our customers experience a strong sense of recognition wherever they choose to stay across the alliance, and which will give us a competitive edge as the world starts travelling again.


But before our main CEO meeting, our first formal business item is a press event on Friday, and we will be welcoming both local and international press to talk about the alliance, the addition of NH, and about your brands. We will also host an exceptional panel of guests, who work in or adjacent to our industry to give some perspectives on trends they see emerging as we recover from the pandemic and look to the future. 


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, we are going to make the most of our long-awaited reunion to enjoy ourselves, eat and drink well in true Spanish style, and discover a little of the beautiful city of Madrid. 


I would like to thank Ramon Aragones and his team for all the efforts they have made to welcome us all to Madrid and we look forward to experiencing NH's hospitality together.

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Ramón Aragonés Marí
NH Hotel Group

On behalf of the whole team at NH Hotel Group, we are excited to welcome so many of GHA's CEOs to Madrid and to celebrate together NH Hotels becoming part of the alliance. Since we became part of Minor Hotels in 2018, we have been planning how we can merge our loyalty programme, NH Rewards, with Minor's other brands, and thus with GHA DISCOVERY. That has been a long process, further complicated by the pandemic, but we are now ready to launch and in a few days we are proud that NH Rewards will become NH DISCOVERY. 


Madrid is very much the home of NH Hotels, and over the weekend of the CEO meeting, we are happy to offer you a taste of NH hospitality in a variety of the hotels and restaurants that we operate. You are coming to Madrid at the perfect time of year to explore the city, so make the most of your time here and do let me know if there is anything we can do to add to your stay experience.


I am already a member of the GHA Board, but since I joined we have only ever met virtually, so this is my first opportunity to meet most of my GHA colleagues in person, and I look forward to spending time with you all in Madrid! 

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